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User-Generated Content Marketing Insights

User Generated Content (UGC) or also known as User Created Content (UCC) is any type of content created by the users rather than the brand itself. In other words, UGC is anything that is not created by the brand. User generated content marketing is very popular nowadays.

There are many types of UGC. Some of the major types are

  • Blog Comments
  • Videos
  • Photos
  • Testimonials
  • Reviews
  • Forums

Marketing has evolved a lot. User-Generated Content (UGC)has become a very important part of the content marketing strategy in modern time.

According to a report by Nielsen Consumer Trust Index, 92% of the customers trust the organic and the user-generated content rather than the content created by the brands itself. This is because the common people are not paid for the UGC by the brands. UGC is real and more authentic.

UGC gets the highest engagement as compared to any other type of advertisement. People love to engage with the user-generated content.

UGC also helps to gain the trust of the people and establish as a powerful brand. It helps you to build a better relationship with the people and increase your reach.

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Why is User Generated Content So Effective?

User-Generated Content Marketing

According to a report by Reevoo, 61% of the people love to get engaged with the advertisement that contains user-generated content. One other report also tells that 51% of the Americans trust UGC than any other type of content available on the website.

So from the above-mentioned data, you can analyze the importance of UGC in today’s world.

Now we will discuss some of the effective ways to maximize the reach of your marketing campaign.

Let’s go

1 Reviews

User-Generated Content Marketing

Marketing has evolved a lot. In today’s time, most of the customers don’t buy anything without looking at the reviews of the product. According to a survey, 70% of the users say that they look at the reviews before they make an online purchase.

Rating and reviews play a vital role in today’s marketing world. You should encourage your customers to post their reviews about the product if you want to increase your sales. Both on-site and off-site rating and reviews help you in lead generation.

It’s not necessary that customers will post only positive reviews. They may be some negative reviews also. Don’t get tensed by the negative reviews. They are also an opportunity for you to improve. Try to respond to each review personally.

2 Hashtag Campaign

User-Generated Content Marketing

One of the best ways to engage the audience is by organizing a contest on social media. People love to take part in contests on social media. You can do this by hosting a hashtag contest. With the help of the hashtag campaign, you can encourage your followers to share the content on social media using a particular hashtag. To make the contest more interesting and engaging, start giving price to the lucky ones. Try to make event-specific hashtags.

Make simple and easy hashtags so that it is easy for the users to remember while posting.

In 2011, Coca-Cola launched its #ShareACoke campaign. In this, they asked the audience to share a coke with their loved ones. This contest became a very successful contest for Coca-Cola across the globe. This is one of the best user-generated content marketing examples.

3 Visuals

User-Generated Content Marketing

Everyone loves visuals. Visuals allow you to interact with the audience in a way that other media can’t.

Visual content is more effective and engaging than any other form of content. UGC along with some high-quality professional content is the best combination of content you can showcase your audience.

UGC content offers the real image of your product or service to the audience. Hence it helps in building trust among the audience. In a survey, it is found that UGC content gets more social shares as compared to other forms of content. It is one of the best ways of user generated content marketing.

4 Increase Engagement

User-Generated Content Marketing

People love to get engaged with the user-generated content. In a survey, it is found that UGC can increase engagement on the website by 42%. When people spend more time on your site, you can get more time to showcase your product or service.

UGC helps in the overall development of the website. It can boost your rankings. The search engine also gives preference to the user-generated content in the rankings.


User-generated content helps to gain the trust of the audience and also built a strong brand image. It allows you to reach a broader audience.

There is no single user-generated content marketing strategy to ensure success. It varies according to your business goal and targeted audience. Above mentioned points are some of the major user-generated content marketing strategies. You can try these as per your product or services.


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