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Best Social Media Wall for Events – 2020

Social media has become an integral part of every indivisuals life these days, whatever happens, whatever we do, whatever we think can be seen on social media channels. Every industry, I repeat every damn industry use social media to boost there businesses, brand loyalty and much more!

When it comes to event planning, organizing, presentation and marketing, social media stands still as the best friend and here comes the role of social media wall for events.

What is a Social Media Wall for Events ?

A social media wall is a tool which collects, curates, moderates and displays social media content from various platforms via hashtags, mentions, accounts, handles etc on any type of screens like tv, digital signages, jumbotrons, projectors etc and that too in amazing themes.

social media wall
Taggbox Social Wall in an Event

How to Choose the Best Social Media Wall Your Event?

Choosing a social media wall for your event is not an easy task, you have to look upon a lot of points which must be considered before finalizing one of them!

Let’s jump directly on the points to consider:

#1 Number of Platforms

You social media wall must come up with a handful of platforms to fetch data from so that the audience of every platform can be connected in your event.

#2 Real-Time Updates

An event is a matter of real time things, and a social media wall without instant updates and real-time feeds is of no use in events. Hence, your social media wall must have real time updating feature.

#3 Moderation

Real time event and social media wall needs moderation, not every content is eligible to be displayed on the live social media wall for events.

#4 Customization and Themes

Every event has a theme, and the social media wall you are using must come with a handful of themes and customization options to match up with the event theme.

These were some of the very important points to consider while choosing a social media wall, other than these, there are a number of points and features which differ from tools to tools!

Best Social Media Wall for Event Screens

There are a number of social media walls available right now, but as you know every tool has its own pros and cons.

We used 10 social media walls to finally reach out on 1 best solutionm, believe us it was not at all an easy decision to choose 1 out of them, but comparitely, we found, TAGGBOX as the best social media wall for events, because of it’s very smooth user interface, robust real time feeds, affordable pricing, almost every social platform integration, and amazing themes.

Taggbox Social Wall

Apart from Taggbox, we also found the following tools worthy of trying:

  • tintup
  • hashslider
  • flockler
  • slidesome


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