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How to use Instagram walls for Business Marketing

Social media platforms now hold an important part in every one’s life and Instagram is the most engaged social media channel indeed, overcoming facebook’s legacy!

What is the secret of Instagram’s rising popularity?? Visual Content! This is the real deal, nobody, litreally nobody in this world likes long stories written in words these days, a video or a graphical representation in the form of a image, inforgraphic etc are preferred by everyone, and this is the only reason instagram is becoming so famous these days and Instagram walls are one such tool which will enhance this experience like a pro!

What is Instagram Wall?

Instagram walls are tools which collects, curate and displays real time user-generated content from Instagram on any kind of screen, be it TV, digital signage, projector etc.

How to Use Instagram Wall for Business Marketing??

Instagram walls are an amazing way to display the content by your audience to your audience or let’s say tobe audience and the best way to do so is by creating an hashtag campaign.

Remember the #ShareAcoke campaign by coca-cola? or #ShotOnIphone campaign by Apple ? Why do they do it? The answer is simple to leverage the power of user-generated content!

An Instagram wall let you collect all of this content from instagram on real time basis and at the same time allows you to moderate it and display in any type of screen or website!

Isnt it an amazing idea???

Examples of Instagram Wall on Website

Taggbox Instagram Wall

Example of Instagram Wall in Retail Store

Instagram Wall in Retail

Example of Instagram Wall in Event


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