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Social Media Display Boards: 5 Reasons to Use Them To Leverage UGC for Marketing

Social media display boards or walls are an amazing tool to leverage user generated content for marketing or enhancing engagements at any event. Lets dive into this technology more and find out what exactly are social media displays and how using them in events or venues can enhance the marketing efforts and engagements at different marketing touchpoints!

What are Social Media Displays ?

social media display walls

Social Media Displays are the software tools which aggregates content from social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc by the means of handle, accounts, hashtags, mentions etc, allows you to moderate this content, provides you with custmization options so that you can give this content a theme and also lets you display this curated and moderated social media wall on any type of digital screen.

Why Display Social Media on Screens?

It is an amazing idea to diaplay social media content on screens as this is fruitful to event organizers and marketers in a number of ways. Let’s jump directly to the reasons why social media displays are an amazing solution to have at venues or events!

#1 Boosts Social Reach

An interactive social media display at any event or venue will encourage other users/audience too to post content on social media related to the event or brand so that their post also appears on the same, this will increase your social media reach and boost engagements on your social media accounts!

#2 Enhance User Experience

Imagine a social media display at your hotel lobby which displays user generated social media posts about your hotel, don’t you think this will enhance the experience of your potential customers and increase the trust factor?? That’s the power of social media displays!

#3 Increase Audience Engagement

Social media display boards like one from Taggbox are capable of displaying social media content on real time basis, which is really very exciting for audience and encourages them to post amazing content on social media during the event so that they can see their content with their name on the big screen which is often called social media wall for events.

Points to Consider Before Choosing a Social Media Display !

There are a few points which needs to focused on before choosing a social media display for your event or venue! Let’s discuss them one by one:

#1 Moderation

The social media display you are planning to buy must provide you with robust and efficient moderation option as displaying real time social media content in an event can really be a bad experience if the posts are not moderated properly!!

#2 Real-Time Updates

Social media displays for events must come with real time updates, as showing old content during the event is really not worth it!! Choose a social media display wall like Taggbox for real time update feature!

#3 Customizations

Your social media display tool must have all the necessary features to customize your social media wall like themes, banners, custom CSS options, tickers, accouncements etc so that you can design the social wall according to your event or venue theme!!

#4 Price

Pricing is always important while considering and comparing two products, choose the most economical and feature loaded social media display for your venue or event!

#5 Social Media Platforms

Your social media display must provide you a handful of social media platforms to aggregate content from!


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