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Tagbox Social Wall – Engagement Booster For Venues

Social Wall is an amazing tool to boost engagements and conversions across the marketing touchpoints and one name which comes in the mind when we talk about social walls is Tagbox , as it is the best social media wall out there!

Tagbox Social Wall

Why Tagbox ?

Tagbox is no doubt the best social wall provider, but why, what makes Tagbox the best, let’s not waste time and jump directly to the reasons why Tagbox is considered as the best social wall provider.

#1 Amazing Presentation Posibilities

Tagbox comes with a handful of themes and customization options so that you can make design and customize your socialwall according to your venue, website or event theme.

#2 Automatic and Manual Moderations

Tagbox knows that user generated content is full of junk and useless content and only 5% of it is useful to the brands and to solve this problem it comes with a automatic and manual moderation feature which lets you remove the unwanted and inappropriate content from the social wall.

#3 One Feed for All Platforms

Tagbox understands that your audience might be scattered, some on Facebook, few on Instagram and many on twitter too, to solve this problem Tagbox social platform suite comes with almost every social media platform you have heard of so far, be it Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, Slack, Flicker, Yammer, Facebook Workplace, Tumblr. Google Reviews, Facebook Reviews and eveything else you have heard of!

#4 Different Solution for Different Touchpoints

Tagbox understands that different marketing touch points need different type of social walls and features, for instance, a event social wall need instant updates and large display themes, where as a website social wall need a widget like structure and responsive design, dont’t worry, Tagbox has taken care of it all!

#5 Best Pricing

Tagbox is considered as the best UGC platform and social media aggregator as it not only solves all the major problems amazingly but also gives all of this in a very very pocket friendly price!!


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