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How To Use User Generated Content On WordPress To Boost Sales

User-generated content can help you to grow your business to a new scale. People love to see UGC as compared to any other form of content because it is real and more authentic. So today, we are going to see how you can grow your business using user-generated content on WordPress.

What is User-Generated Content

User-Generated Content (UGC) or User Created Content (UCC) is the content created by the users rather than the brand itself. These are many types of user-generated content like photos, videos, comments, tweets, blog posts, testimonials, etc.

Why User-Generated Content

User-generated content is real and more authentic. People love to see UGC because it is the content created by the audience. It is real. They are not paid for it. The engagement rate of the UGC is higher than any other form of content.

People love to get engaged UGC. High-quality content, along with UGC, can be an effective content marketing strategy. It can help you to generate more sales.

There are many user-generated content plugin and theme available in the market that allows you to collect and use the user-generated content on the website. You can embed Instagram feed on the WordPress website.

Now, let’s see some of the ways to user UGC in WordPress.

Let’s go

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Ways To Use User Generated Content On WordPress

1 Reviews and Ratings

User Generated Content Instagram

Reviews and rating play a significant role in your sales if you are offering any product or service. Nowadays people don’t buy anything without reading the reviews of the other customers.

Reviews and rating keep the audience engaged. It also helps them to make the buying decision. The search engine also loves reviews and ratings. It gives preference to the sites in the rankings that have a lot of good reviews and ratings.

Many WordPress plugins allow you to create fantastic customer reviews and rating columns.

Guest Blogging

User Generated Content WordPress

Guest blogging is one of the best content marketing tactic that helps you can as well as the Guest Author to grow. The guest author gets the quality backlinks and exposure to show their talent. The website owner gets high-quality content.

Sometimes you don’t feel comfortable to share your admin panel to the guest author. There is a solution to this. There is a Plugin “Frond-End Post Submission” by WPForms. It allows you to accept the guest post and store them as a draft. You can then review and publish them.

You can also use it for the other type of user-generated content like images submission.

Blog Commenting

User Generated Content WordPress

Blog comments are the easiest UGC that every blog have. WordPress comes with in-built blog commenting system that allows you the audience to comment and post their reviews.

Generally, the business has blogs, and if your website doesn’t have any blog, then you should think of adding one. You can easily create a blog page on your website without interpreting the actual design of the website.

Blog Comments also helps you get better SEO ranking. Search Engine gives a small edge in the ranking if you have a lot of blog comments.

Social Media Contest

User Generated Content WordPress

The easiest way you can create brand awareness on social media is by organizing a contest. People love to participate in the brand content on Social Media. It allows them to showcase their creativity to a broader audience.

For example, in 2014 Starbucks organize a #WhiteCupContent on Twitter and ask the people to draw the white cups. Within three weeks, Starbucks received more than 4000 drawn cups. The campaign was a great success.


In modern time, UGC is the best way to engage the audience. People also love to see user-generated content. WordPress is one of the most popular platforms to create websites.

WordPress allows you to collect and use the user-generated content for better results.

User Generated Content on WordPress helps you build as a brand and also boost your lead generation.


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