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User-Generated Content Platforms And Beyond

In today’s time, customers look at the other customer’s reviews and suggestions before making a purchase decision. Other customers word of mouth has become a significant factor in sales.

So today, we are going to discuss what is user-generated content, what are user-generated content platform and how brands curate UGC and use for their benefits.

What is User-Generated Content?

User-Generated Content (UGC) or the User-Created Content(UCC) is the content created by the fans or users of a brand without being paid. There are many types of user-generated content like

  • Blog Comments
  • Videos
  • Photos
  • Testimonials
  • Reviews

UGC is more real and authentic as compared to any other form of content because it is created by the users rather than the brands they are not paid for it.

You can embed the user-generated content on the website to increase sales. It has the highest engagement.

Why User-Generated Content?

According to research by Salesforce, Websites that include UGC galleries along with the regular content, have more engagement. Another report tells us that social campaigns that include UGC gets 50% higher engagement, and ads with UGC have five times greater click-through rates.According to research by Salesforce,

According to another report by Search Engine Journal, online ratings and reviews act as word of mouth for the brands and hence is the most trusted source for the customers before making a purchase decision.

What Is User-Generated Content Platform?

User-generated content platform is software as a service that helps you to curate the user-generated content (photos, Blog Comments, videos, Testimonials, Reviews) so that the brands can use it for its purpose.

User Generated Content Platform

UGC platforms have made the life of marketers easy. Now they don’t need to spend a lot of time searching for the right content. Marketers can curate the relevant data in just a few minutes. In other words, it helps you to stay organized.

User Generated Content Platforms

There are many UGC platforms available in the market. Every platform has its pros and cons. You have to be smart before choosing the right platform. There are some essential aspects that you should consider before making a purchase decision for any of the product or service.

  • Easy to use
  • Price
  • Features (Basic + Advance)
  • Customer Support
  • Security

There are many free and paid user-generated content platforms available. Now let’s discuss some of the best user-generated content platforms available in the market.

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Top 5 Examples of User-Generated Content Platforms

1 Taggbox

User Generated Content Platforms

Taggbox is of the most potent and advanced UGC platform available in the market. It allows you to collect and embed the social content on the website. It can aggregate the content all over the social media platforms using Hashtag, Handle, Mentions, Tagged.

It comes with many advanced options like API, banner creation, moderation, full-screen announcement, etc. by which you can create walls and display them in the events. It allows you to moderate the content according to your need.

Taggbox is easy to use and cost-effective. It is one of the best user-generated platform and social media aggregator. It comes with a 14 days free trial.

2 Yotpo

User Generated Content Platforms

When Yotpo was started in 2011, it mainly focused on helping the customers to collect and present text-based data. With the passes of time, the company has evolved a lot, and along with the text-based data, now it also helps the brands to collect every type of UGC and use it in many different ways.

3 Tint

User Generated Content Platforms

Tint is a leading social media aggregator and content curation tool. Tint allows you to find, curate, and display real and authentic user-generated content across your marketing campaigns, social media, websites, apps, and helps to showcase to increase customer trust.

Many many big brands use tint. It helps you to display the right content to the audience.

4 Pixlee

User Generated Content Platforms

Pixlee is another leading UGC platform in the market. It allows you to use the photos and videos of the real people to tell the authenticity of the brand to the audience.

It introduces a unique marketing element, “Social CRM.” The CRM manages and connects with real customers and influencers and measure the results.

5 Curlate

User Generated Content Platforms

Curalte helps you to collect social content and show it to the audience for better results. It helps you in growing our brand on social platforms, drive traffic to your website.

It also has advanced analytics features that help you to measure the results and grow the audience.

Over To You

Marketing has evolved a lot. You can’t depend on the old methods to grow. User-generated content has come into play. User-generated content marketing has has come into play.

Nowadays, people love UGC, and it has the highest engagement than any other form of content.

There are many tools available in the market that helps to curate and display the user-generated content to the audience. Every device has its pros and cons. You have to be smart before making a purchase decision.


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