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Top 10 Examples of User Generated Content

Any content that is created by the users of the brand to share their experience with the brand over the Internet is known as user-generated content. UGC usually includes photos, videos, texts, testimonials, etc. UGC has changed the old marketing strategies.

Marketing has evolved a lot. In today’s time, most of the brands use UGC as one of the essential aspects of their marketing strategy. There are many examples of understated content campaigns which are very successful. So today, we are going to tell you some successful examples of user-generated content, but before that, let’s see the importance of user-generated content.

Why User-Generated Content

People love UGC. According to a survey, customers trust UGC 50% more than any other form of advertisement.

More than brands, customers trust other customers reviews a lot. People believe in comments, photos, and videos posted by other customers than the brands itself. UGC can boost user engagement on the website and thus helps in the overall development of the website. There are many examples of user-generated content websites like Netflix, Adobe, and Starbucks, etc. that uses UGC to engage the audience.

Now let’s discuss some of the examples of user generated content campaigns.

Some Successful Examples Of User-Generated Content

1 Coca-Cola

Cola-Cola marketing team came up with the idea of “Sharing a Coke” campaign. Within a day, it got a great response by the general customers all around the world. The idea first came up in the year 2011, and coke decided to print more than 150 commonly used names and ask the people to share the coke with their family and friends.

This campaign ran in different countries based on culture, religion, and background of the country. The campaign as very well accepted by the audience and people start sharing their photos with the coca-cola on social media with the hashtag “Share a Coke.” The campaign was quick to hit in more than 80 countries across the globe.” Share A Coke” is one of the best examples of the user-generated content campaign.

2 Apple

Once, Apple users were dissatisfied with the average camera qualities for taking pictures shot in the low lights. Apple quickly realizes this and launch a hashtag #ShotOnIphone campaign to regain the lost trust among the users on iPhones camera quality.

Examples of User Generated Content

Apple was losing customer trust due to this issue. To redeem faith, Apple put more emphasis on this campaign. The campaign was about new users and pro users taking photos with their phones and share them online.

The campaign highlights the most beautiful photos taken by the users in low light. The images were then posted on Youtube under the campaign “Shot on iPhone.”

With such an innovative campaign, Apple was able to redeem the trust among the users. This user-generated campaign also helps to improve user engagement.

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3 Starbucks

Examples of User Generated Content

In 2014, Starbucks started a campaign on Twitter under the hashtag #WhiteCupContest and encouraged the customers to draw on the white cups. Starbucks declared that the winning white cup campaign, submitted by the artist would be selected as a limited edition template of the Starbucks. Within three weeks, Starbucks received around 4000 drawn cups drawn by the customers. The campaign was a great success.

After the massive success of #WhiteCupContest, Starbucks again launched a new campaign in 2016 for the customers. This time they came up with #RedCupArt challenge. This campaign also became a great hit for the company and received tremendous success on social media.

Both the campaigns mentioned above are the best examples of user-generated content without even a lot of expenditure. These two were the most successful campaigns for Starbucks.

One significant reason for the great success of such user-generated campaigns is that it is easy to participate for ordinary people.

4 Tourism Australia

Examples of User Generated Content

Tourism Australia knows that everyone loves clicking and sharing photos and videos on the Internet. While doing research, they noticed that a lot of content was there on the hashtag #SeeAustralia. They realized that it’s an excellent opportunity to bring travelers into the conversation.

By highlighting traveling in Australia, they created a community of people who have visited and who wants to attend.

With highly visual content, for one campaign, they found a 30% increase in the engagement. This was one of the most successful campaigns of Tourism Australia. Again this was set as one of the best user-generated content examples of 2018. 

5 Netflix

Examples of User Generated Content
Examples of User Generated Content

Creating a buzz around the upcoming series is one of the essential parts of Netflix’s marketing strategy. They always look at the user-generated content to promote their product. To help the next series, they encourage fans to post using simple hashtags, usually the title of the show.

In one of the campaigns, Netflix uses hashtag #strangerthings2 to promote the second season. Due to this, the curious people visited the page of Netflix. Getting entertained by this innovative idea, many people start sharing photos and videos of the stranger things of their daily lives by tagging the show. By this, Netflix generated 2 million audiences in 2 weeks.

This simple UGC strategy worked for Netflix and generated a lot of revenue at a minimum cost. This is again one of the best examples of user-generated content campaigns.

6 National Geographic

National Geographic is the leading global brand in terms of Instagram followers. It has more than 112M Instagram followers. Hence, National Geographic one of the best examples of leveraging user-generated content. 

Examples of User Generated Content

In 2015, they launched their #WanderlustContest which encouraged the users to post photos to win a National Geography photo expedition to Yosemite National Park. They create a fantastic slideshow on their website, which grabs everyone’s attention. They smartly utilized both their website and social media. Their hashtag #WanderlustContest generate over 63 K posts on Instagram. This is one of the best examples of user-generated content.

National Geographic truly understands how to connect content, community, and commerce. They share a case study in which they show how a 130-year brand has adapted to changing technology trends. Hence, it is one of the best examples of user-generated content in the modern world.

7 Adobe

Examples of User Generated Content

Adobe introduces its brand new hashtag #AdobePerspective. This allows the artists and content creators who use Adobe Suit to share the content. This also allows sharing their work to a broader audience for free.

With this user-generated content campaign, Adobe gets a perfect opportunity to share its software capabilities to engage its community. 

Company doesn’t stop here. They launch their one more hashtag campaign #Adobe InColor, which became a massive hit for the company and generated more than 300 posts in the first week of June 2017.

Adobe is one of the best examples of user-generated content. They showcase the talent of the users and values culture of its community. 

8 Wayfair

Online furniture store Wayfair launched a really rich user-generated content for their customers to showcase their online shopping spree. Using the hashtag #WayfairAtHome, customers were asked to share their photo and videos of their home setups featuring Wayfair products. 

Examples of User Generated Content

Wayfair then repost the user-created content and provide a link to the posts so that other customers can see the real image of the product, and they can relate more.

Wayfair launched their one more campaign #WayfairPetSquad, which is not very popular yet unusual UGC campaign. 

Wayfair launched their one more campaign #WayfairPetSquad, which is not very popular yet unusual UGC campaign. 

9 Stuard Weitzman

Examples of User Generated Content

Stuard Weitzman is a shoe company. They recently launched their #EYELOVEcampaign collaborating with Gigi Hadid. The campaign appeals the people to support them to provide education to the children and people massively support this campaign, and it became a great hit. 

Last year, Gigi Hadid and launched “Gigi Boot,” which helps them to build three schools. This year they are want to scale their reach. 

10 BMW

BMW is one of the leading car company across the globe. They share Instagram photos of BMW owners and their wheels using hashtag #BMWRepost.

Examples of User Generated Content

BMW is a luxury car brand, and the owners of the cars are undoubtedly proud of their achievements, and the campaign gives a chance to them to share their successes.  

Give a chance to the audience to share the reviews and photos of the product by creating a hashtag campaign and this will surely help you to gain the trust of the users and will also boost your sales. This is the most successful example of a user-generated content campaign for BWM to date.

Over To You

These are only some of the examples of successful user-generated content campaigns, and there are many more like these. People also use the user-generated content on the website to engage the audience.

UGC is highly successful in today’s online world. It can help you a lot grow at a rapid speed.


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