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User-generated content is becoming an essential part of the brand’s marketing strategy. All know the ability of the UGC to spread the truth about the brand and the connections with the audience of us. There is no doubt that UGC is more effective than a lot of money spent on branded photoshoots and advertisements. As a result of this, most of the marketers are using user-generated content marketing strategy in their ads, website design, and campaigns.

Nowadays, most of the consumers have smartphones 24*7 and better internet connectivity, so it’s easy for them to create and share the content about your product and the brand. People love to share their created content on social media.

The best thing about user-generated content is that it is easily available, and brands don’t have to spend a lot of money to explore and use it. In this blog, we will learn a proper user-generated content strategy for the UGC campaigns that can help you to grow.

As all the marketers have a strategy for digital marketing, social media, and advertisements, so in the same way, you also need a well-defined strategy for user-generated content if you want to maximize its use.

User Generated Content Strategy

Having a user generated content strategy can help you in the following ways:

  1. To manage and organize your UGC in a well-defined manner.
  2. Monitor the performance of the UGC campaigns.
  3. Minimize the risk of the failure of the UGC campaigns.

Now we are going to discuss the user-generated content strategy that you should follow while planning any user-generated content campaign.

Some Important User Generated Content Strategy

1 Understand Your Needs

Before starting a new user-generated content campaign, you must know what the essential things that you need from the campaign are. You will get a better view from the following discussion

  • Purpose of the UGC Campaign

You must have the answer to the question of why you need a UGC campaign?

UGC campaign can be used for spreading brand awareness, asking reviews for the product or service, or promotion of the occasional campaign.

  • Duration of UGC campaign

Once you find the purpose of the UGC campaign, the next thing that you should decide is that you must choose is the time duration of the UGC campaign. Determining the time duration of the campaign will help you in the planning of the campaign. Divide the big tasks in the small ones, and it will be easy for you to achieve them.

  • Type of UGC you need

User-generated content is of many types like texts, photos, videos, unboxing videos, etc. So before asking the consumer to create content for your brand, you must have a clear vision of what type of content you need to form them.

The type of UGC that you need may depend on the theme of the campaign, the place where you want to use it, and the type of product or service you sell. Plan your needs from the UGC smartly.

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2 Understand your audience

Till now we have decided our needs, the next thing that we need to do is to understand the audience. There are two types of audience you are going to deal with first, the people who are going to create content for you and the people to whom you what to showcase your content. You need to under both the types of audience if you want to make a campaign successful. User-generated content market size is also important.

When people share content for your brand, then they are making extra efforts for you. They are taking out time from their busy lives for making content for you. So you must try to thank every individual for their efforts. You can also thank them by posting their content on your website or by any other means.

Now it’s time to look for the people whom you want to showcase your content. Make sure that your targetted audience likes your content, and if they do not like your content, you should make changes in your campaign in order to make it appealing and successful.

User Generated Content Strategy

3 Plan For Logistics 

Planning: Now set the goals for your campaign in terms of numbers and break the big tasks into smaller once so that it becomes easy for you to achieve them.

Promotion: Now make a detailed list of all the platforms where you want to promote your campaign and create a buzz in the market. Always think about your website, email campaigns, advertisements, and social media. Make sure that you don’t over-promote the campaign.

Communication: Find a place where you want to put all the information about the campaign. You can either put all the information about the campaign on your website, or you can also make a separate domain for the campaign.

You should provide the necessary information like what you want from the users, the mode of submission, last date of submission, rules of the campaign, and your contact details. You can also add other necessary things according to your campaign.

You can also ask the user to share the content on the social media using the brand hashtag so that it is easy for them to share the content and it also becomes straightforward for you to curate the user-generated data.

Permission and Rights: This is one of the most important parts of the campaign that you should never neglect. Always ask for permission to use the data.Mention the platforms where you can use the UGC.

4 Performance Overview

Monitoring the performance of the UGC campaign helps you to get a better understanding of the progress and quality of the UGC campaign. You may come across some problems during this process.

You may find some irrelevant data or a group of people trying to prank you. You have to be really smart to handle these problems.

Over to you

This blog is a comprehensive list of important things to be considered for a successful user generated content marketing strategy. There is no one-size-fits-all approach. It majorly depends on your brand story and the audience segment. So, start with a UGC strategy and find out what works and what doesn’t work for your brand and then feedback your original strategy with these gained insights.

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