User-Generated Content Website

User-Generated Content Website

What is User-Generated Content 

User-generated content (UGC)also known as user-created content(UCC) is any form of content such as photos, videos, text, reviews, ratings, etc. that which is created the users of a product or service. Nowadays, people embed user-generated content on the website to engage users.

The concept of UGC comes into plat in the mid-2000s, and now it plays a vital role in content marketing strategies. Create user-generated content platform if you want to engage the users.

Why UGC is important?

One of the most important reasons that most of the brands and companies are using UGC is that people love to see and interact with the user-generated content. 

Importance of UGC 

1 Higher Engagement 

User-Generated Content Website

Studies have found that UGC gets higher engagement than any other form of content. People love to see what other people are talking about your product or brand. UGC also helps to make a purchase decision.

2 Effective Marketing Method

User-Generated Content Website

People love to see reviews and ratings. This is more effective than any other form of marketing. It helps to make a purchasing decision of the customer. If customers write reviews and ratings about your product or services (good or bad), it helps a lot.

3 Boosts SEO Score

User-Generated Content Website

Fresh content always helps you to get better SEO rankings. Search Engine also gives preference to UGC in the rankings. Hence, UGC helps in the overall development of the website. I have built the user-generated website to boost rankings.

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Benefits Of User-Generated Content On Website

1 High-Quality Original Content 

User-Generated Content Website

Every eCommerce site needs high-quality original content to boost their rankings. Search engines also give preference to sites that uses UGC. A user-generated content website is more interactive and engaging; hence, it attracts more customers to the product page.

You have to be really smart if you want to maximize the use of user-generated content. Place the UGG at the main center of the website or so that all the users can easily interact with it. Try to create feature testimonials and methods to highlight the user-generated content.

2 Growth Of Brand

User-Generated Content Website

An eCommerce store having a UGC tells a lot about the brand. It tells about the customer support quality and how much the company cares about users views.

Pat Fredshaw, of Essaysupply, spoke that: “No amount of high-profile advertisement will ever be as effective as an honest review or a piece of UGC from an everyday customer or a client.”  

Brand Reputation helps to scale your business to new scales and also helps to grow territories and B2B networks. 

3 Low Investments

User-Generated Content Website

Advertisements are becoming more costlier every passing day, and it not that effective nowadays. So if you are looking for an alternative for the ads, then UGC might help you.

Examples of Websites Using User-Gnerated On The Website

1 Coca-Cola

User-Generated Content Website

Coca-Cola is one of the leading brands across the globe. UGC plays a major role in Coca-Cola’s marketing campaign. Coca-Cola launched a hashtag campaign #ShareACoke, and asked the audience to share a coke with there loved ones and share their photos and videos on the internet. This campaign became a hit overnight all across the globe.

Coca-Cola use the UGC on their website to make the website more visually appealing and engaging. This single campaign helps to boost its sales to new scales.

2 Starbucks

User-Generated Content Website

Starbucks once also launched a hashtag campaign #WhiteCupContest. In this, they asked the customers to print the white cup and submit the cup, and the winning design will be featured on the Starbucks cup. People actively participated in the contest, and Starbucks received more than 4000 cups within a week.

Starbucks later used the UGC on their official website, and hence, it helps them to engage the users.

3 Apple

User-Generated Content Website

Apple also launched a hashtag campaign #ShotOnIphone. Once their users were not happy with the average camera quality of the camera in the night. So Apple asked the users to take low light photos and share with them with the hashtag #ShopOnIphone. People actively participated in the campaign, and hence they get a lot of UGC data for their website.

There are only some of the examples of brands using UGC on their website. These are many for such instances. The main point here to notice is that UGC helps you a lot to boost your sales.


User-generated content plays a vital role in today’s marketing world. If you want to maximize your reach, then you have to stay updated, and UGC is the latest trend in the market. It not only helps to grow your business, and it also helps you to improve as a brand. Built user-generated content website, it will help you to grow.


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