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Top 5 Ways To Showcase User-Generated Content On Social Media

Nowadays, community building and relationship building is an important part of social media marketing. User-generated content on social media helps you to reach that goal. UGC is the best way to relate with the people.

User-generated content marketing is an amazing way to lower the gap between the customer and the brand. It also helps to build trust among the people. Building a relationship and gaining customer trust can help you to increase sales.

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Brands encourage users to make content for them. There are many successful user-generated social media campaigns that are very successful. But sometimes brands fail to use the UGC properly. So today, we are how to learn how you can maximize the use of user-generated content.

Top 5 Ways To Showcase User-Generated Content On Social Media 

1 Create Posts Focusing On Shared Content 

 User Generated Content Social Media

Creating posts focusing on the shared content like photos and the videos is the best and effective ways to showcase the user-generated content. You can share the UGC on various social media platforms. You should create an excellent caption to make the post more appealing and always remember to mention the creator and tag them.

User-generated content is the best way to increase engagement.  When you share the user-generated content is also encourages other users to share their content. Share the word and let the users know that they can also be featured in the next post.

2 UGC In Stories

 User Generated Content Social Media

A lot of people don’t feel comfortable to share the experience with the brands in the posts; instead, they share their experience in the stories. These stories can really help you a lot. Immediately reach the people whenever you see that you are tagged in someone’s stories and ask them if you can share them in the Instagram stories. The best thing is you will always get the answer, yes.

Mention the creator of the story in the stories so that other people can reach the creator. Share these stories on multiple social media to maximize the reach.

3 Encourage Followers To Vote On UGC Contests

User Generated Content Social Media

Social media contests are the best ways to attract users to create and share more content for you. Contests that involve voting on the user-submitted content is an amazing way to promote UGC. 

Many big brands and companies have already used this method, and it helped them a lot.

4 Use UGC In Ads

 User Generated Content Social Media

Social Media is not just about organic marketing. You can also use social media as a powerful tool to run ads. You can also use the UGC in your ads.

User-generated content like posts, reviews, texts only caption can be used in the advertisement campaigns. It helps to gain the trust of the people. Always remember that now customers don’t buy anything without reading the reviews. So this can help you a lot to boost your sales.

5 Ask Questions

 User Generated Content Social Media

Asking questions from the users can also help you to encourage the fans to create content for you. You have to be really smart and active while doing this because not all questions are answeres, not social media.

You can ask questions like how was the experience with the brand, which thing they like the most, how your product made a change in their lives, etc. These types of questions get maximum attention. Use branded and easy to remember hashtag to ask questions.

It’s important to notice that people can also post some negative answer to your answers. For example, in 2012 McDonald’s launch their #McDStories campaign,it got more negative comments.

People only want to ask a genuine question. So should be smart while asking the question.


User-generated content marketing can be a great asset for you if you use it to its full capacity. Sharing user-generated content on social media is one of the best ways to built relationships. This will also help you to build trust among the audience.

See user-generated content in social media will also encourage other people to create and share their content.


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