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User-Generated Content On Instagram

Instagram is one of the most used social media platforms, with over 1 billion active monthly users. Along with the social media platform, it has also evolved as one leading marketing platform for the brands.

The marketing potential it holds is immense. Every big brand uses user-generated content on Instagram to maximize their reach.

So today, we are going to tell you what is UGC, how to get user-generated content on Instagram, and some successive examples on user-generated content on Instagram.

What is User-Generated Content?

User-generated content is any content that is created by users rather than the brands itself. This usually includes photos, videos, texts, etc. UGC is very popular among the brands and is one of their essential marketing practice.

Why UGC is Important?

User-generated content is real and more authentic. The users create it, and they are not paid for it.

People love UGC, and it gets the highest engagement as compared to any other form of content.

User Generated Content Instagram

According to a report by Nielsen Consumer Trust Index, 92% of the people trust organic and UGC than the content created by the brands.

Now let’s discuss some steps by which you can collect user-generated content on Instagram and encourage your users to share user-generated content on Instagram. 

Steps to collect the UGC feeds for Instagram?

1 Create a brand new hashtag for the Instagram

User Generated Content Instagram

The first step is to create a fresh and easy to remember Instagram hashtag. Shop Studio DIY is a new online store. They launch their brand new hashtag #cantcluththis. They use this hashtag in every photo and video.

2 Encourage your users to share their photos using the hashtag

User Generated Content Instagram

After creating a hashtag now, it’s time to encourage your community to use the hashtag when they share any content on social media.

If you are making a physical product, then putting the hashtag on the packing is a great way to encourage the users to share their photos and videos using that hashtag.

You can also organize an Instagram contest to engage the users and encourage them to share the content. You have to be smart and active while doing this.

3 Collect the User-Generated Content 

User Generated Content Instagram

Once you create a hashtag and encourage the users to share the content using a particular hashtag, now it’s time to collect the best user-generated content. You can then repost the received photos and videos on your official account.

4 Plan to post UGC along with your regular content

User Generated Content Instagram

After collecting the best user-generated content on your hashtag, now its time to plan how to use the user-generated content on Instagram along with the regular content. 

Make a plan to post regular content along with the UGC. This is one of the best ways to impress the audience. 

When you post the UGC, always give credit to the user along with a proper caption. If you are using a good Instagram photo without a hashtag, it’s still good to talk the permission from the person for using it.

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Now it’s time to discuss some of the successful examples of user-generated content on Instagram.

Examples of UGC on Instagram


User Generated Content Instagram

Xero is a fantastic accounting software available in the market. The real thing here to notice is that even an accounting company has impressive Instagram feeds. They generally share the user-generated content on their feeds. They regularly post the stories of small business all over the world using Xero.

They mostly use the hashtag #DoBeautifulBussiness as their main hashtag, along with #Xero and #XeroCustomer.


User Generated Content Instagram

Airbnb is one of the most popular Instagram accounts that use user-generated content. Their content is 100% user-generated.

Every day the Airbnb team post some fantastic photos with the #Airbnb and asks some simple questions to their users like-

  • Where did you travel?
  • Where did you stay?
  • What did you find?

Airbnb curates all the user-generated content and posts it on social media with their permission.

They use a number of hashtags like #AirBnB, #NotYetTrending, and #LiveThere to share their posts.


User Generated Content Instagram

Queensland is one of the best examples when it comes to posting user-generated content. 

They share their content in a different way. They showcase their content as – drone photos and videos.

Drone photos and videos give a fresh perspective to all the place which until now was photographed in only one way. 

They generally use the hashtag #Queensland to share their posts.


User Generated Content Instagram

Buffer is an amazing social media scheduling tool and the buffer team post amazing and helpful posts on social media.

Buffer feeds on Instagram are impressive. They not just only post the photos on social media, instead they showcase the Buffer lifestyle.

They have an outstanding team, working all around the globe. They tell about their community through their posts.

They generally use the hashtag #BufferCommumity to share their posts on social media.

Over To You

Instagram is the most effective social media platform in today’s world. The marketing potential it holds is beyond the imagination of ordinary people. There are many successful examples of user-generated content on Instagram.

Using user-generated content in Instagram feeds is the new way to engage the users. Instagram can help to take your business to new scales. It’s all up to you how you use it.

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