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Hashtag Walls for Events and Everything Else You Must Know About It

Events as a social gathering are a great place for networking and exposure. It is crucial that the audience is excited and engaged in the event as this engagement intensity will decide the success of the event. Today, we are going to provide the limelight on one “hashtag walls for events” and how to leverage it to increase the engagement in events!

With time there have been many developments in the event management domain, especially technological advancements. Technology’s integration with any event has made it more creative and interactive than ever before. 

People are always sharing their offline experiences on online platforms i.e. social media sites. And event organizers see it as a prospect to reach the untapped and unaware audience through making the event attendees as the digital promotion volunteers. 

Event-specific hashtags are one such instrument, that creates a distinct identity for the event and makes it recognizable, shareable and trackable on social media platforms. 

What is a HASHTAG Wall?

For the people who were in cryosleep for the last 2 decades, a HASHTAG is a word or a phrase preceded by a # sign that is attached to a piece of content. The hashtag helps in providing context to the message facilitating search and making the content easily discoverable over social media by other users.

Hashtags are used by most of the social media users to either share or find relevant content with people of mutual interest and acquire exposure.

A Hashtag wall is similar to a social media wall where the content aggregator gathers user-generated content but only that contains the specified hashtags from accessible social media platforms and displays it as feed on a digital screen wall.

The significance of Hashtag wall for events  

We have listed a few of these reasons why events should have the hashtag walls to maximize their reach, leads and conversion possibilities.

1. Reach amplification

At an event, you can only invite a certain number of people due to the limitations related to locations, travel or other external factors that restrict your reach. But with the hashtag wall for event, you can encourage the attendees to share content with event-specific hashtags making a trail to reach a diverse group of audience through grapevine pattern. 

This is the best way to reach a huge audience without any extended efforts or investment and with a trustworthy channel. This can attract a new audience to your event, create awareness and amplify your network.

2. Exhibit user-generated content 

Displaying the content uploaded by the attendees on the hashtag wall will make the audience even more excited, engaged and interactive with the event. 

Display user-generated content in real-time on live wall feed with the event-specific hashtags and the opportunity to feature on the live hashtag wall will encourage the attendees to share more content thereby generating maximum exposure to the event. 

Besides that, it will help in creating awareness, user engagement and positive impression on social media and all at no added cost. 

3. Intensify engagement and online exposure

Having a hashtag social wall at an event with real-time feed give you the opportunity to widen your exposure and proliferate engagement. As the hashtag wall is interactive and instigates a sense of participation among the attendees. 

The engagement is not just restricted to the event but it also expands to social media giving you the extended social media exposure to a bracket of the fresh organically tapped audience which you would not have been able to tap otherwise. 

4. Uniting offline and online interaction

Interaction in an event is an obvious element, but interaction also has many layers to it. The integration of social media, hashtag wall and attendees make the event more lively and powerful. A QnA, chat session or discussion can be carried out where the audience can share their opinions, views, ideas, experiences, and questions that can be displayed on the hashtag wall and further discussion or answers can provide live at the event in real-time. 

This gives you more control over the quality of the session by moderating the best content out of the lot. It can be applied to all kinds of events but for an event where there are industry experts, professionals, and the theme is more informative than entertainment, the online-offline interaction could do wonders and higher audience satisfaction levels. 

5. Infusing life to the event

These days people are so much connected to their digital devices and social media than their friends, family or peers personally. And as an event organizer, your efforts might go into vain if the audience is not engaging with the event. 

Adding a hashtag social wall to the event makes it more lively and the audience will feel more interested in the event. Therefore, the hashtag wall gives you a chance to take advantage of audiences’ behavior to your benefit by asking them to constantly share their experience with the event. 

This way you will be able to get constructive feedback, identify flaws and reinforce the overall experience of the event. 

To Conclude

A Hashtag is a hook for the piece of content it is attached to and hashtag wall for events lets you pull that piece of content be it text, gifs, images or videos to the wall for your benefits with just this little hook. 

Hashtags social walls are proven to be effective in gaining higher engagement levels and exposure to the event. As these walls are easy to set up, link to social media, operate and moderate the content displayed on them. 

Even some reason to use hashtag wall for events has been listed for you to get a better understanding of how resourceful these are. 

So, let us know in the comments, how do you use hashtags and your views on hashtag walls and their integration with events.


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