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Top 7 Social Commerce Examples

According to a recent study, there are more than 1.92 billion people who love to make an online purchase. These numbers are growing with each passing day. Most of the online marketers aim to improve the overall user-experience to boost sales.

Incorporating social media and ecommerce are one of the best ways to boost ecommerce sales in today’s highly competitive marketing world.

So in this article, we are going to discuss what is social commerce and some thriving examples of social commerce.

Let’s go!

What Is Social Commerce?

When you mix your ecommerce marketing skills with the social media skills, in order to boost your online business, it is known as social commerce.

Social media users are increasing at a rapid speed. So incorporating ecommerce with social media is a great idea to boost the engagement and sales. So let’s discuss some of the social commerce examples.

Top 7 Social Commerce Examples

1 Clause

Social feeds showcase your social side to your audience. Rather than showing the regular ads of offers and deals, Clause’s Instagram feed is one of the best examples of social shopping. 

Clause uses user-generated content(UGC) to showcase their products with their personal touch. The Clause applies UGC for their feeds.

By using correct hashtags and user-generated content, you can derive followers to your shop, and turning followers into customers. When everything comes together in a social page, your social presence improves, and this helps you to derive more sales.

2 Burberry 

Social Commerce Examples

Shoppers love to make a bulk purchase on Facebook. Along with shopping, they are also consuming a massive amount of video content on it. According to a study, Facebook users spend twice the time on the brand’s page with the video content as compared to the pages without the video content. 

Generally, the videos are educational and how-to content videos. Brands such as Burberry uses small video content, and Facebook live to showcase their product to the audience lives.

3 J.Crew

Not everything on social commerce is connected to social media.

J.Crew is one of the best examples that users UGC on their website.The company puts the customer feedback at the centre of the product pages. 

According to research, 63% of shoppers love to purchase with reviews. If you are using UGC is a correct manner then it will help you to boost your sales.

4 Dollar Shave Club

Social Commerce Examples

Ecommerce world is becoming competitive day by day. So social proof becomes an essential marketing tool for the brand. If it gives you an extra edge over your competitors. By using customer feedback, you can differentiate yourself from others, and it also helps you to gain the trust of the users. Hence, social proof helps in overall development.

Dollar Shave Club is one of the best examples who leverage social proof to boost their sales. The company has a Pinterest board that only showcase customer feedback and unboxing videos. The combination of customer feedback and user-generated content is the best way to leverage social commerce.


Social Commerce Examples

People on social media love to engage with the brands. 50% of people love brands to tell them what kind of content they are accepting. User-generated content is one of the best and easiest ways to submit the content. 

The shoppable Instagram feeds are a perfect example of curating UGC and how to convert customers into clients.

Social commerce strategies give a professional touch to your ecommerce website and provide the followers in a direction. 

6  ASOS 

Social Commerce Examples

According to a recent study by Shopify, Facebook is one of the best platforms that return a higher profit. Facebook and social commerce works together.

In toady’s highly competitive world, brands need unique and fresh content to stop his followers and have a look at the content. According to a report, Facebook posts that contain images and visual content gets the higher engagement that the post without pictures. So brands should emphasise more on the visual content if they want to sell their products through social media. 

7 Ipsy 

Social Commerce Examples

Ipsy has more than 2 million Instagram followers and is one of the leading players in the social commerce industry.

Ipsy allows its followers and to have a look at the glam bags before its arrival. The audience has to share via Facebook messenger to get access.


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